Preview release rc-1.11

We released @adonisjs/[email protected] on July 28th, 2020 and it contains following additions, changes and bug fixes.

Http Server

  • improvement: Improving types for Route.resource API. d0736ea6
  • fix: The route.redirect().back() method ignores the query string in the referrer header. 136306cc
  • performance: Small changes for performance gains d806f22c


  • addition: Adding before, after, beforeField and afterField rules. 39d4bf8f, 0a0001f5
  • fix: Add true and false to boolean value. 86f54861
  • addition: Add range rule. 53b4b968
  • addition: Add schema.object.anyMembers to accept objects with any key-value pair. 17722eaa
  • addition: The confirmed rule now also accepts an optional field name. 53c86240
  • addition: Add blacklist rule. It is opposite of enum schema type c25e22ba


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