Preview release rc-1.7

We released @adonisjs/core@5.0.0-preview-rc-1.7 on June 21st, 2020 and it contains following additions, changes and bug fixes.

Upgrade using the following command

npm i @adonisjs/core@alpha
yarn add @adonisjs/core@alpha


  • Added support for micro templating to custom error messages. 9d08a27
  • Cast "on" and "off" values to a boolean. These strings are set by the input[type="checkbox"]. cd0a401
  • Added support for refs. Refs allows referencing dynamic values inside a cached schema. 88df5b5
  • Allow space, dash and underscore in the alpha rule. 207c4f1
  • Add distinct rule. 3d9422a

HTTP Server

  • Added support for chainable API to the response.redirect method. 3bca166
  • Fix method to set content-type when file is not found. e4fcc8d
  • Improve router to raise exception, when a route has duplicate params. 025d60f


  • Depreciate hash.hash in favor of hash.make. b5ac156
  • Add support for faking Hash implementation during tests. 75e2f5b

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