Preview release rc-1.5

We released @adonisjs/[email protected] on April 29th, 2020 and it contains following additions, changes and bug fixes.

Upgrade using the following command

npm i @adonisjs/[email protected]
yarn add @adonisjs/[email protected]


  • addition: New regex rule added PR#81
  • addition: New uuid rule added PR#80
  • addition: New confirmed rule added 176d6bc
  • improvement: The validator returns error messages as JSON, when the form was submitted as an Ajax request. aa99e00
  • breaking: Making validator API consistent and less verbose. Please read the release notes of @adonisjs/validator

HTTP Server

  • security: We have improved the cookies security in this release. Now, the values of two cookies cannot be swapped with each other. Check release notes

  • addition: Added ctx.routeKey property. It is the unique reference to the route + http method. Can be used as a cache key for caching compiled validator schema.

  • improvement: The makeUrl and makeSignedUrl now can accept the params as top level objects. Earlier they were nested and makes the syntax verbose.

    // earlier
    Route.makeUrl('/users/:id', {
      params: { id: 1 },
    // now
    Route.makeUrl('/users/:id', { id: 1 })


  • security: The encryption module has received a re-write (without breaking changes) and addresses some of security concerns like JSON poisoning. Check release notes

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