Lucid 8.0 - 8.2.2

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The release notes contains an aggregated list of chances made between @adonisjs/[email protected] and @adonisjs/[email protected]. You can also check individual releases on Github.

Upgrade using the following command

npm i @adonisjs/[email protected]
yarn add @adonisjs/[email protected]


  • addition: Add support for Model factories. 5c65731

  • addition: Add support for Database seeders. a213661

  • addition: Add support for defining groupLimit on preloaded relationships. def372c

    // Fetch 5 comments for each post
    await Post.query().preload('comments', (query) => {


  • improvement: Add useTransaction and useConnection to model instance. 789f038
  • improvement: Add support for whereNot to the unique rule. 1bdf5e6
  • improvement: Add support for defining keys to pick or omit during model serialization. d3d4f92
  • addition: Add support for beforePagination and afterPagination hooks. 1f9b1d3
  • fix: Cast pagination page and limit values to number. bd38a5d
  • addition: Add toObject method to the model. It serializes models into a Javascript object, where the object keys are model property names and not the serailizeAs name. fa8ae6e
  • improvement: Make model methods save, merge and fill chainable. 7a518d8
  • fix: query.whereBetween now accepts numeric 0 value. 2d2e7cb

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